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Our business is business communications. Because we are solely focused on the your business market, you get the solutions tailored to your company’s needs, personalized support from professionals and reliable service that remains flexible as your business evolve.


100% Focus On Your Business

Improve Company Productivity and Reduce Wasted Expenses

Our Products

Mytel provides the next generation of voice and data communication services, which allows your company to focus on delivering the products and services demanded by your customers. Our managed networks and hosted communications services can reduce a corporations voice and data services costs by up to 40%.

Our Relationship

We stop the finger pointing and start managing the issues so you can truly focus on what’s important. Servicing your customers! We partner with your staff and or current vendors making your complex world of infrastructure seem simple. Our turn-key solutions are proven and successful in thousands of customers across North America. We truly become an extension of your company.